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Mapping-GIS-Survey GPS and Weatherproof Paper



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Ashtech GPS Receiver Software

CHC Equipment

Carlson Software

GPS Accessories

iGage GNSS Receivers

Spectra MM120/PM120/PM220

MobileMapper 20

Repair Depot

Survey Accessories

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Weatherproof Paper

Spectra MM120/PM120/PM220 - all

Vertical Ant Extension
Precision External Antenna (GPSL1 + GLONASS L1) without cable for MM100/MM120/PM100/PM120
Power Supply for Docking Station for MM100/MM120/PM100/PM120/PM200/PM220
Li-Ion battery 6600 mAH for MM100/MM120/PM100/PM120/PM200/PM220

Soft Field Bag for MM120/PM120/PM220/MM100/PM100/PM200
GLONASS Activation Option for MM120/PM120/MM100/PM100
GSM/GPRS + NTRIP + Direct IP Option for MM120, MM100 or PM100
RTK Activation Option for MM120, MM100 or PM100

Fast Output Option for MM120/PM120/PM220/MM100/PM100/PM200
GNSS L2 Option for MM120, PM120, MM100 or PM100
DB9 (female) serial to PoGo cable for MM120/PM120,PM220,MM100,PM100.PM200
Docking Station for MM120/PM120/PM220/MM100/PM100/PM200

ASH-111660 (L1 GNSS Antenna - 38dB)
ASH-111661 (L1/L2/L5 GNSS Antenna - 38dB)
Automobile External GPS Antenna & Cable for MM100/PM100/PM200
MobileMapper Field Software for MM120/PM120/PM220/MM100/PM100/PM200

ProMark Field Software for MM120/MM100 or PM220/PM200

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